Lavender & Lemon

Lavender & Lemon is a crisp, warm and bright scent of fragrant lemony citrus yet soothing, earthy and calm notes of lavender – all mixed into one. Just right to start the day off and just as relaxing to end an evening.  This scent is an all-time favorite!

Pomegranate smells so refreshing that you want to actually take a bite! Notes of ruby red orange, grapefruit and let us not forget the main attraction – a fresh juicy red Pomegranate!


White Fig

White Fig is so soft, sweet and intoxicating a wonderful all around fragrance that is light with notes of fresh white figs, vanilla, musk, and jasmine. This fragrance is perfect worn alone or to enhance any fragrance.

Grapefruit is definitely an uplifting fragrance filled with a juicy kick! It’s just the right amount of ruby red grapefruit along with notes of white grapefruit, lemongrass, lime and berry with a spicy finish. This fragrance is simply exhilarating!


Amber Indigo

Amber Indigo is filled with deep rich intoxicating oils. Every note overlaps the next – deepening this scent. You have to be mature to handle it! Hints of amber, patchouli, rosewood, frankincense and a touch of vanilla. The list goes on and on. Wow … sure to take you into the night!

Shades of Rose scent is soft and innocent, yet slightly intense with hints of freshly picked roses. Each soft pillow of rose, jasmine, and touches of lotus surround your senses and take you on a soothing journey.

Shades of Rose